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Nėra veiksmo 1 sezonas

No Activity season 1
[xfgiven_story][xfvalue_story limit="300"][/xfgiven_story] Set against the world of a major drug cartel bust, the series follows two low-level cops who have spent far too much time in a car together; two criminals who are largely kept in the dark; two dispatch workers who haven't really clicked; and two Mexican tunnelers who are in way too small a space
Metai: 2017
Žanras: Komedija
Režisierius: Patrick Brammall, Trent O'Donnell [xfvalue_writers]

Seselė Jackie 2 sezonas

Nurse Jackie season 2
[xfgiven_story][xfvalue_story limit="300"][/xfgiven_story] The intervention Kevin and O'Hara staged has taken its toll on Jackie's relationships with them. Meanwhile, nearby hospitals close down which strains the All Saints Hospital resources and Zoey makes her affair with Lenny public.
Metai: 2010
Žanras: Komedija, Drama
Režisierius: Liz Brixius, Evan Dunsky, Linda Wallem [xfvalue_writers]

Laimingas žmogus (3 sezonas)

Stan Lees Lucky Man (season 3)
[xfgiven_story][xfvalue_story limit="300"][/xfgiven_story] From the mind of comic book legend Stan Lee comes a bold new action crime series about a brilliant but flawed police officer with the power to control luck.
Metai: 2018
Režisierius: [xfvalue_writers]