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Katinas knygoje: Įkalintas epinėje pasakoje

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale
[xfgiven_story][xfvalue_story limit="300"][/xfgiven_story] While out fighting off ninja pirates, Puss stumbles on a fairy tale book. When he opens it, the adventure begins, as the viewer must choose each outcome, eventually freeing Puss from the book.
Metai: 2017
Režisierius: Roy Burdine,Johnny Castuciano [xfvalue_writers]

Lietaus Fėja

The Rain Fairy
[xfgiven_story][xfvalue_story limit="300"][/xfgiven_story] The elements that rule Earth - Air, Fire, Earth and Water - are on their "regular inspection tour." We are following Water, in the form of the Rain Fairy (Lenka Vlasáková). Traversing the land dressed like a poor woman, she learns that people really have begun focusing mainly on money and that love
Metai: 2010
Režisierius: Milan Cieslar [xfvalue_writers]

McMafija (1 sezonas)

McMafia (season 1)
[xfgiven_story][xfvalue_story limit="300"][/xfgiven_story] Alex Godman, the English-raised son of Russian mafia exiles, has spent his life trying to escape the shadow of their past, building his own legitimate business and forging a life with his girlfriend, Rebecca. But when a murder unearths his family's past, Alex is drawn into the criminal underworld
Metai: 2018
Režisierius: [xfvalue_writers]


[xfgiven_story][xfvalue_story limit="300"][/xfgiven_story] Set entirely in an 8m police truck, a number of detainees from different political and social backgrounds are brought together by their inevitable fate, during the turmoil that followed the ousting of former president Morsi from power.
Metai: 2016
Žanras: Drama, Trileris
Režisierius: Mohamed Diab [xfvalue_writers]